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Thank YOU for 2020!

We'd like to start off by saying THANK YOU for 2020!

Thank you for your continued support and patronage. What an incredibly different year it has been and we hope that you have stayed safe and healthy. Despite having to navigate a new way to work and be around each other, we had a great year at Avanti Planning Group.

Kevin and Debbie welcomed some new family members - 2 new Pomeranians named Phoebe Buffay and Chandler Bing! If you watch Friends, then you'll get it ;) Not only did they welcome 2 new puppies, they also became grandparents for the first time! Their daughter, Sam, welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby boy named Elliot Harper. Despite not being able to travel outside the province, they did manage to rediscover BC with 5 different mini vacations. Kevin also realized that working from home alone is not so fun.

Although Crystal didn't get to do her usual travels this year (Hawaii and Vegas), she was able to get out to her family cabin in Valemount, BC and have some much needed relaxation. She is looking forward to the coming year and hoping she can travel again soon!

Surprise! Another new member of the Avanti Planning Group is on its way! Tiffany will be welcoming a little girl in January!

Our magic man himself, Kelvin and his beautiful wife moved into their new home this year in the River District. They have been busy with home décor and settling in.

Some other things to mention:

  • Our office is closed for the holidays on December 18 – January 3rd. We will be back on Monday January 4th at 9AM. Should you have an emergency and need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact Kevin on his cell at 604-551-8593 or via email at

  • As always, December is a busy month in the claims department, so please have patience when submitting your claims and waiting for your reimbursements.

We want to wish you and your family the most Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!

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