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Chambers Plan: April 1, 2021 Renewal

The past 12 months have been like no other. Virtual health care became a priority and was added to the plan, as well as making your “” online plan access more important than ever in this new age of “work-from-home” being more commonplace.

This April 1, 2021 marks the annual renewal of your Chambers Plan coverage. At renewal, premiums are adjusted for the coming year to reflect changes in individuals’ ages, adjustments to provincial Dental Fee Guides, costs associated with medical trends and any revisions to government health plans.

One Year Older:

At April 1st we adjust the ages for all insureds enrolled in the Plan. Since the cost of some of the benefits increase as Plan participants age (e.g. Life and Disability), rates will be adjusted to reflect the current ages of all Plan participants. All ages of participants are recalculated at April 1st.

Chambers Plan Advantage:

The Chambers Plan utilizes a pooled and partially pooled approach to Health and Dental benefits to establish renewal rates. Small fluctuations in a firm’s claims do not necessarily affect the rates. This allows firms a greater degree of latitude before their individual experience is considered, providing firms with greater rate stability. Unlike most programs, the Chambers Plan is run on a not-for-profit basis. Surpluses in any of the benefits are used to offset deficits in more utilized benefits.

Looking to Enhance Your Benefit Plan?:

Health Spending Account (HSA)

Choice and Flexibility for Employees & Cost Predictability for Firms

Your employees are unique, with different need and expectations of what benefit plans should offer. HSAs are a great way to provide them more flexibility by extending coverage for expenses that may exceed or not be included in their group benefit coverage. The Chambers Plan HSA is designed to exist alongside your insured group coverage.


COVID-19 Updates and Resources

- Your local Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Chamber of Commerce COVID-19 Resource Page: has resources and links

Your online access to your plan benefits

Teledoc – Telemedicine Service

Teledoc helps members consult with a physician about non-urgent medical matters by video conference, or phone, from wherever you are, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Available to all employees and dependants on the plan, during your Teledoc visit, you can receive a diagnosis, treatment recommendations and even be prescribed medicine when necessary. If you hold a Health Care benefit with the Chamber, this is available at no additional charge. Download the app to your smartphone, register, and request your appointment.

Benefits of a Pooled Plan:

In a pooled Plan, premiums are based on the average of claims across all participants. When claims are bundled together with thousands of similar firms in a pool, premiums stay manageable and predictable. For the past decade, the Chambers Plan average renewal action has been 3.8%.

Contact us with any questions or if you need to discuss your Chambers Plan.

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