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Employer Tips: 3 Things to Consider when Promoting an Employee

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

The following article is from the Volume 21 Issue 3 of Your Workplace Magazine brought to you by Benefits By Design

2019 Conference Speaker, Caprice Stokes, engaged the participants of the "Imagine Your Workplace Conference 2019" with a discussion on Promotions in your workplace.

What should you consider when deciding to promote a current employee within the company?

It may feel like an obvious decision to reward star-employees with a promotion and further grow, not only their experience, but the company with quality staff. What if the promotion ends up not being a proper fit? What if the promotion leads to the employee feeling overwhelmed and out of their wheel house? Here's more of Caprice's thoughts on the subject:


"Most people would think that a promotion from area supervisor to regional director on a partnership track would be the epitome of corporate ladder climbing. I only dreamed of such an accomplishment — then learned to be careful of what I yearn for.

It all began in multi-family housing management where my talent for smooth resident relations prompted a promotion to assistant manager then property manager and finally area supervisor. I enjoyed being in management because it was like my leasing position but with less paperwork and added decision-making power.

Proving effortless advancement transitions, a promotion to regional director was next, with a partnership with the organization on the horizon — the final level before property management nirvana. But there was one hitch. One year into my new position I realized that I was not happy. Feelings of not being “me” at work, of being a professional “brownnoser,” struck hard. Burned out and worn out, I wanted out.

What happened?

Given my ambition to reach this level, why didn’t this promotion feel right for me?

Unfortunately, this happens quite often. Employers promote “star players” to a position in which they may not be intrinsically attracted, leading to burn out and loss of interest.

As a team leader, I learned that the best reward for great employee performance is not always promotion. It is unreasonable for an employer to expect an employee to change or alter his or her natural gifts and strengths — that which excited us about the employee in the first place."


Here are Caprice's 3 tips to consider when deciding to promote or not to promote:

  • Do a compare-and-contrast analysis of the two positions and be honest with the employees involved as to how their career, and life, will change

  • Ask the employee where they think they belong within the organization. Have an open and honest conversation about the pros and cons of their ambitions

  • Employees often will accept a promotion, even if they do not feel confident about being able to handle the job, because they need/want/deserve the increase in pay. Reward your "star employees" financially, even if they turn down your promotion

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