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Lumino Health: Health Answers in One Place

Canada's premier network of health resources, Lumino, will not only help you find a top-rated health care provider near you, but can provide you with multiple health resources such as health articles, news, local health solution companies with discount codes and guides to improve your health and wellness.


Visit the website to find a provider near you for services such as:

dentistry, paramedical (massage, chiro, naturopath, etc.), vision, medical supplies, pharmacies, family doctors, clinics and emergency hospitals.

The search feature also will provide you with ratings from real people and cost information to know in advance.


Health articles on Fitness, Mental Health, Diet and Nutrition, Diabetes, Aging and Care giving, and more are available to learn more about topics that affect you in your life. This includes tips, tricks, recipes and even products that you can look into purchasing with discount codes.


Did we mention local companies offering health and wellness products and services with discounts for Lumino members? Want to research a new fitness product, skincare company, meal prep delivery or even an at-home registered massage therapist? The Discovery Lab can help with many other companies to help you improve your health and wellness.

Take a look at Lumino and find better ways to work towards a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

Learn More Here:

This article is not sponsored by Sun Life, Lumino, or any other service providers. Avanti Planning Group Ltd. represents many insurance companies, including Sun Life, and receive compensation when customers choose Sun Life as their insurance provider.

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