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4 New Year's Resolutions and How You Can Achieve Them

Happy New Year!

It's 2018 and time for another round of

"What's your New Year's Resolution?"

Whether you are already making strides towards it or you don't believe in these resolutions to begin with, it never really hurts trying to evaluate your life and maybe even looking at what you'd like to improve on. We, at Avanti Planning Group, want to try and be there to help you any way we can, if it's your New Year's Resolution or not. Here are some common goals and how we can provide you with tools to help reach them:

" I want to take better care of my health."

Everyone knows about diet and exercise, but what about visits to a Naturopath, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Dietician, Physiotherapist or Acupuncturist? These visit expenses can be submitted through your health plan and are a great way to improve your health. Also regular visits to a dentist have been linked to better your heart health*. Adding Dental Insurance can help cover your regular cleanings, cavities and even crowns.

"I want to work on my mental well being and be happier in my life."

Taking up relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga is a great way to de-stress. As well, your health insurance plan can include coverage to visit a counselor, social worker or psychologist. Talking to a professional about life's stress and struggles can be an important tool at bettering your mental health. Another option is adding an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to your current health plan which gives you up to 12 hours with a registered counselor each year for as little as $5.00 a month per employee.

"I want to lose weight."

Joining a fitness centre or starting a weight loss program through one of the many companies available can be effective, but also can be an added expense when your budget is already working overtime. The Medical Weight Management Program is offered by Dr. Lyon and is located in Coquitlam, BC. All required costs of this program are covered by your BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)**. Click through to their website HERE and learn more about the program and how you can apply to become a patient. They provide you with in-person group medical visits, dietician visits, specialist seminars, lab and diagnostic tests and education for as long as you continue to attend. Topics discussed are weight loss, diabetes, depression, anxiety, exercise, and nutrition to name a few. Other goals like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, bringing your lunch to work and parking your car in the furthest parking spot in the lot are other goals that can add up quickly!

"I want to stop smoking."

Luckily, BC residents who are registered with Pharmacare can help cover the costs associated with a smoking cessation program. You can learn more about the government's program HERE to see if you qualify.

Your Insurance Plan has many options to help you find ways at creating a better YOU in 2018! Most Insurance Plans have their own online resource tools where you can look at current health trends, research support groups in your area, look up doctors and even read up on medication uses and side effects. The Chambers Plan, for example, has a large database of useful health information for all plan members through their MYBENEFITS website. Once logged in, you can research all the information mentioned above as well as track your own claims usage. Many other insurance carriers have their own websites as well, so please contact us and we can help you sign up and navigate the sites.

Whatever your New Year's Resolution is (or isn't) we wish you all the best for 2018 and hope it is your best year yet!

* Credit to abcNews. See article HERE.

**Found on

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