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Chamber Plan News: NEW Health Spending Account Coverage

Add more flexibility to your coverage with a Chambers Plan Health Spending Account (HSA)

Your employees are unique, with different needs and expectations of what benefit plans should offer. Health Spending Accounts are a great way to offer them more flexibility, by providing coverage for health-related expenses that may not be included in their group benefit coverage or to top up existing coverage.

Simple and effective, Health Spending Accounts can add flexibility for your employees and help give you better control over costs.


A Health Spending Account (HSA) recognizes and supports the fact that individuals have different health-related needs at different ages and life stages. With a Chambers Plan HSA, a firm can set up core benefits and enable employees to determine how best to use the HSA funds available to them. The firm chooses a funding level and costs will not exceed the total employee limits (plus administration costs and taxes).

Claims paid under an HSA arrangement are tax deductible, just like traditional group benefit premiums and there are no set-up fees, no annual fees and no advanced deposits.


Employees can use their HSA to reimburse a wide variety of eligible medical expenses or reduce out-of-pocket costs not covered under their group plan, top up payments for services not covered by the benefits plan, or pay deductibles for covered services.

Employees can use their HSA funds to cover any expense that qualifies for the Medical Expense Tax Credit under the Income Tax Act. An HSA can also be used to cover expenses for dependents who may not qualify under your group plan, as long as they qualify as dependents under the Act.

With a Funds Carry Over option, employees can plan and budget for large expenditures, like orthodontic expenses, by saving funds over a two-year period.

For more information on eligible expenses, visit this website link here: ELIGIBLE EXPENSES

Other expenses include paying for deductibles, co-insurance or amounts above any coverage limits on the employee's current health and dental plan.

Contact us today for more information!

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