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NEW! Guaranteed Health and Dental Insurance for 1 & 2 Person Companies

Have you, your family, or your employees been previously declined health or dental insurance based on medical history? Have you avoided applying for Insurance because of your current health concerns? The Chambers Plan will now make available guaranteed coverage for 1&2 person companies. We have added a new Life, Health, and Dental option that does not require medical underwriting.

The Life component guarantees a level $25,000 benefit with coverage reducing at age 65 to 25% of the face value and terminating at age 75, and includes a preexisting conditions clause*

The Health component includes prescription drug coverage, paramedical services (chiropractor, massage, acupuncture, naturopath, physiotherapy, osteopath, podiatrists/chiropodists, clinical dieticians, psychologists/social workers, speech therapists and audiologists), ambulance, nursing care, hearing aids, medical equipment, orthotics, vision care and even travel insurance.

The Dental component includes basic service coverage. This includes coverage for exams, fluoride treatments, scaling, polishing, fillings and extractions.

All the benefits have their own different percentage coverages and annual maximums that we can discuss further with you. Let us provide you with a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION quotation today!

*No Life insurance benefit will be payable during the first 24 months of coverage if, in the 24 months immediately prior to the Employee's effective date, he was attended to or received medical treatment, consultation, care or services by a Physician, including diagnostic measures for any symptom or medical problem which leads to the Employee's death.

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