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Back to School! Make sure your child's coverage is updated!

With school enrolment here again, your Insurance Plan needs current records for over-age dependents who are eligible to receive benefits. These updates and/or changes need to be submitted as soon as possible to ensure your Insurance can process your dependents claims correctly and that you are not covering ineligible dependents.

If we do not receive update information:

  • If a dependent reaches the lower age limit in your plan (21 for most plans) but is not identified as a full-time student, their coverage will terminate.

  • A dependent you have previously identified as a full-time student that hasn’t reached the upper age limit under your plan (typically age 25) will continue to have coverage unless you notify us that they are no longer a student.

On another note, many college and universities offer their own Health plan at an extra cost to the student. If your dependent already has coverage through your plan, they can opt to waive the coverage offered by the school. If the school requires a letter explaining they do not need the health plan because they have it elsewhere (through your insurance plan), let us know and we can provide you with a personalized letter to give to the student's school.

Let us help answer any questions you have and help update your records.

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