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Your Current Health Plan is Ending...Now What?

Lost or leaving your current employment position? Retirement coming up? If your current employment position is coming to an end, this could mean your work health and dental benefits could be ending also. We can help assist you get guaranteed coverage that starts the very day your current plan ends. No medical questions and different plan options to fit your needs and budget best. This is for you and your family for day-to-day medical, dental and travel expenses, as well as unforeseen health expenses.

Green Shield Health Assist:

-No medical questionnaire when you transfer from any group insurance plan within 60 days from the end of coverage.

-Select the plan that best suits your needs.

-Coverage beings on the first of the month following approval.

-If you sign up before the age of 79, you have coverage as long as you need it (as long as you pay your monthly premiums, of course).

-The longer you are on the plan, the better your coverage.

-Pay-direct card for use at most pharmacies and hospitals, as well as dental, vision and paramedical practitioner offices - virtually no paper claims.

-Travel coverage included.

-Legal Advice toll-free anywhere in Canada 24/7.

-Local service representative to help you when you need it (this is us!).

Follow this link above to read more about the Plan offerings, compare the different coverages, get a quote and even sign up! Please feel free to call, email, or set up an appointment with us and we would be able to answer your questions and guide you through the application process.

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