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National Do Not Call List

Do you make telemarketing calls, send faxes, or contract out a third-party agency to carry out telemarketing services on your behalf? Certain telemarketing calls and faxes are exempt from the National DNCL Rules, and the people that make them are referred to as exempt telemarketers. The National DNCL Rules do not apply to telemarketing calls and faxes directed to businesses. But even as an exempt telemarketer, there are still some rules you need to be aware of.

As an exempt telemarketer, you must register with the National DNCL, and re-register each and every year thereafter. If you've hired a third-party agency to make telemarketing calls or faxes on your behalf, you both must register with the National DNCL. You can register for free online at

You must maintain your own do not call list, and make sure you don't contact home phones, cell phones, and fax numbers on that list. If a consumer requests not to be contacted, you must add their name to your do not call list within 31 days.

If you have hired a third-party agency to make telemarketing calls or send faxes on your behalf, both you and the agency must follow the unsolicited telecommunications rules. The CRTC can levy penalties for each violation of the National DNCL.

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