We at Avanti Planning Group Ltd. strive to be of assistance to you, the employees, and your dependants of Sienna-Baltic Properties. We offer a full range of Insurance Services and we hope by visiting this page often we can help you manage your benefits and insurance needs more effectively.  

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Your Benefit Summary can be located in your Employee Handbook, which you should have received when you started your plan with Maximum Benefits. A copy of your Benefit Summary can also be found by following the MyBenefits link here:

If you require any help please feel free to contact your Location Manager or your Human Resources Office. You can also contact Avanti Planning Group Ltd, your plans Managing Broker, by using this link:

Benefits Covered in YOUR Plan: 

- Life Insurance



-Accidental Death & Dismemberment



-Extended Health



-Prescription Drugs



-Vision Care



-Employee Assistance Program



-Out of Country Travel



-Basic Dental



-Endo & Periodontics



-Major Dental



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